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Hong Kong International Airport operator, Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK), today outlined its green credentials in its Sustainability Report for 2017/18.

The report covers the AAHK’s sustainability performance in the fiscal year ending 31 March 2018 across four key pillars: ‘Our People’, ‘World-class Gateway’, ‘Our Future Airport’ and ‘HK People’s Airport’. 

The report features 10 interviews with AAHK staff, demonstrating how sustainability has been integrated into the airport’s business and operation.

Highlights of the airport’s sustainability initiatives in the reporting year include:

HKIA roof2

• The airport operator continues to apply innovative technologies to strengthen the safety and security of HKIA, and enhance passenger experience, including the introduction of e-Security Gates, Virtual Aircraft Loading Bridge Operation training facility, and smart luggage tag MyTAG.

• Phase 1 of the Ground Services Equipment Pooling Scheme was implemented at the Midfield Apron to enhance the efficiency in aircraft ramp handling process and reduce emissions.

• AAHK rolled out a municipal solid waste (MSW) charging pilot scheme to prepare for the introduction of territory-wide MSW charging.

• The EXTRA MILE project with three pilot programmes were launched in early 2018, bringing AAHK, its business partners and NGOs together to address social issues by creating employment and promoting upward social mobility while driving the development of HKIA and the society.

• The Work Improvement Team programme was extended to cover all frontline staff to foster a culture of empowerment and innovation.

An external review committee was convened for the first time to provide independent feedback on the sustainability report.

According to AHK, the report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s GRI Standards: Core option and the GRI G4 Airport Operators Sector Disclosures.

It has also been independently verified by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency to provide greater transparency and accountability for the airport’s stakeholders.

The Sustainability Report 2017/18 is available at: http://www.hongkongairport.com/iwov-resources/html/sustainability_report/eng/SR1718/index.html


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