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In the spotlight: Airport facilitation

Airport report: Quito

Special report: Panama highlights

Plus: Investing in airports & security

Airport World editor, Joe Bates, reflects on the importance of smooth and hassle free facilitation at airports and how other stakeholders all have a part to play in ensuring a good journey.

Heady days
The recent ACI Latin America-Caribbean/World Annual General Assembly, Conference & Exhibition more than lived up to expectations, writes Joe Bates.

ACI news
Ryan White reports on the success of September’s ASQ Forum in Tianjin and the search for candidates for the Young Aviation Professionals Programme.

View from the top
ACI World director general, Angela Gittens, discusses building capacity and ensuring that airports continue to function as engines of local and regional economies.

Lofty ambitions
How is Quito’s Mariscal Sucre International Airport faring two-and-half years after opening? Joe Bates met up with Quiport president and CEO, Andrew O’Brian, to find out more.

Back to the future
InterVISTAS Solomon Wong considers the potential impact of US Preclearance changes and argues that the new vision is rooted in an old concept.

Balancing act
Terry Hartmann, Unisys’ vice president global transportation, North America, argues that IT holds the key to harmonising the facilitation and security processes at the world’s airports.

Getting graphics
Taking an holistic approach to wayfinding can create positive passenger experiences and boost passenger spending at airports, writes GS&P’s Jim Harding.

State of independence
Joe Bates reports on the growing trend of third party operators opening independent lounges at airports.

The way forward?
Stephen Bennett and William Gibbs of consultants, Swanson Rink, look at the business case for the introduction of Individual Carrier Systems for baggage handling at US airports.

The buying game
LeighFisher’s Andy Carlisle takes a look at the airport transaction market and predicts some of the possible deals of 2016.

Safe and secure
Skanska USA’s Dwight Pullen offers his thoughts on how airports can maintain security during the construction of major new facilities.

Going green

ACI’s World Business Partners

People matters
Terri Morrissey and Dr Richard Plenty provide their thoughts on: Cutting bureaucracy by empowering people.

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