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Geneva Airport enhances operations with new self-service technology


New self-service touchpoints at check-in, bag drop, and security mean that passengers can now breeze through Geneva Airport, according to technology provider, SITA.

The new touchpoints, it says, are helping to reduce wait times and provide more flexibility to passengers increasingly seeking digital travel solutions.

In addition, SITA notes that passengers and staff will also soon further benefit from boosted efficiencies thanks to Geneva Airport’s new Airport Operations System (AOS), which among other things, enables the “intelligent optimisation of operational processes” and improves real-time information sharing airport-wide.

This investment in the newest passenger and operational technologies is part of a wider revamp of Geneva Airport aimed at elevating the passenger experience while preparing the airport for future demands.

SITA has already, in recent weeks, delivered its self-bag drop stations to Lufthansa Group airlines and its pre-security e-gates to optimise passenger access to security.

And by the summer 2023, it will deliver 15 Smart Path Scan and Fly Mini self-bag drop units as well as 30 Smart Path TS6 kiosks, which include payment functionality. This self-service experience is able to handle skis, a first for EasyJet passengers flying from Geneva.

The airport will also be the first to use SITA’s common-use payment solution with the P2PE (point-to-point encryption) certification. This will help passengers easily and securely pay for additional services such as excess baggage or ski allowances, using contactless payment methods during the self-bag drop process.

André Schneider, CEO of Geneva Airport, said: “The investment in our terminal infrastructure is as much about the requirements for a new automated and more digitalised passenger journey today as it is aboutpreparing for future requirements. It’s an exciting time for Geneva Airport, and we have a strong partner in SITA to support us on this journey.”

While Sergio Colella, president for Europe at SITA, said: “By leveraging the latest self-service technologies and harnessing the power of data, Geneva is increasing its capacity and taking the airport experience to the next level — improving customer satisfaction, shortening queues, and reducing costs.”

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