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Quito International Airport starts testing passengers for COVID-19


Passengers are being tested for COVID-19 at Quito International Airport as the Ecuadorian gateway steps up its response to the coronavirus crisis.

The airport has installed 10 temporary testing stations to assess all passengers entering the country on international repatriation flights in a new initiative organised by Ecuador’s National Emergency Operations Committee (COE in Spanish).

Ministry of Public Health staff with the support of officials from the Ministry of Foreign Relations are conducting the tests, which are being closely monitored by airport operator, Corporación Quiport.

Passengers on an Aeromexico charter flight from Mexico City were the first to use the new testing process earlier this week, which Quiport reports proved to be a smooth process for all 123 onboard the flight.

Andrew O’Brian, President and CEO of Corporación Quiport, says: “We fully understand that our role is to implement the sanitary measures and controls ordered by the COE and provide the facilities within our reach so that they can be carried out in an orderly and safe manner.

“Once the COE ordered the application of COVID-19 rapid tests for repatriated citizens to Ecuador, we adapted and equipped an area for health personnel to take samples and in a safe, efficient and comfortable manner for the passenger.”

Sandro Ruiz, manager of the Metropolitan Public Airport Services Company, notes: “We are willing to collaborate with the resolutions issued by the national COE, proof of this is the correct and orderly compliance with the defined protocols to protect the wellbeing of all.

“The success of these procedures is thanks to a co-ordinated action between the Municipality and Quiport, our concessionaire, together with the airport entities”.

Quito International Airport has announced that it will be ready for the resumption of flights on June 1, pending the approval of the national COE.

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