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Tech features ensure sustainable design status for Zurich Airport’s new complex


Zurich Airport’s new 30,000sqm multi-purpose complex, The Circle, features over 30,000 components installed by Siemens that ensure that it is one of the most sustainably designed and energy efficient buildings in Switzerland.

The new facility is expected to become one of the most popular attractions at the gateway due to its host of shops, restaurants, services, hotels and conference centre.

Indeed, the airport anticipates that it will be visited by around 25,000 visitors daily once the global COVID-19 pandemic is over.

The building’s ‘green credentials’ has seen it not only awarded the Swiss Minergie certificate but also LEED Platinum certification, the highest sustainability label of the US Green Building Council – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

“We are proud that, together with our customer Flughafen Zurich AG, we are able to help shape this very special building complex,” enthuses Henning Sandfort, CEO of building products at Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

“Our products are present in every single room and make The Circle a comfortable, energy-efficient and safe place for visitors, tenants and operators alike.”

Fully automated building 
Siemens supplied the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) components to ensure an optimised and healthy room climate throughout the complex, which consists of six individual buildings.

It also installed field devices that are smart, fully automated and optimised for energy efficiency, supporting the building automation system.

With their modular design, it notes that the systems are easy to expand or modify in the future, giving building operators and tenants alike great flexibility and security.

The KNX communications standard is used for room automation by products from various disciplines such HVAC, shading and lighting, making building operations fully automatic.

Siemens also designed, engineered and installed an end-to-end solution for the reliable supply of electricity. Power to the complex is supplied through approximately 1,000 metres of busbars from the main low-voltage supply systems.

Integrated measuring devices make the power flows transparent, enabling operators to identify areas of potential savings.

A total of 600 air circuit breakers and moulded case circuit breakers are used in the main low-voltage distribution system and in the busbar tap-off units.

The circuit breakers feature selective tripping, which contributes to a reliable energy supply and infrastructure. Because of their modular design, the installed components can easily be modified to meet new requirements. In the future, data can be transmitted directly over the busbar trunking system.

Voice alarm systems ensure safety and security in the public areas, including retail spaces, parking garages and evacuation routes as well as the Hyatt hotels and the University Hospital Zurich Health Centre.

The Circle at a glance
– Complex of six connected buildings, designed as a city district
– Amenities: shops, restaurants, hotels, co-working spaces, health services, fitness center, daycare centre
– Offers 6,500 jobs
– 25,000 visitors a day expected


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