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Edmonton to become home to the world’s largest airport solar farm


Edmonton International Airport (EIA) is welcoming a new large-scale investment that it claims will create the largest airport-based solar farm in the world.

According to the Canadian gateway, Airport City Solar will dramatically transform the west-side of EIA’s lands, create jobs and bring in a potential new power source for airport operations and the Edmonton Metro Region.

An agreement with Alpin Sun will see the company develop a 627-acre, 120-megawatt solar farm, which it believes will be largest development of its kind at an airport anywhere in the world.

The development is said to reflect EIA’s on-going commitment to economic development and diversification, along with its core value of being dedicated to sustainability.

Airport CEO, Tom Ruth, says: “One of our core principles is being dedicated to sustainability. With Airport City Solar and Alpin Sun, we’re creating something the whole world will notice.

“We’re Canada’s largest airport by land size so we have the space to do something very special – the largest solar farm at an airport in the world. This will create jobs, provide sustainable solar power for our region and shows our dedication to sustainability.”

Europe-based Alpin Sun is a global developer of utility scale renewable projects and is proposing to locate Airport City Solar on land leased on the west side of the EIA.

Airport City Solar is expected to begin construction in early 2022 and be operational by the end of the year. The project will bring in an estimated C$169 million in foreign direct investment to the Edmonton Metro Region. Power generated by Airport City Solar will feed into Fortis Alberta and airport distribution systems.

“We want to add to Alberta’s recovery momentum and be in a position by 2022 to not only support existing industries and communities in the area but also serve as a catalyst for new investment in advanced technology and logistics,” states Alpin Sun’s director of project development, Fred Null.

While Malcom Bruce, CEO Edmonton Global, notes: “EIA runs one of the world’s most innovative airports and in recent years has attracted more than $1 billion in investment and thousands of quality jobs through Airport City and economic diversification.

“Alpin Sun’s major investment combined with EIA’s focus on innovation will create significant value for airlines. Welcome to our region Alpin Sun, we look forward to seeing this investment begin construction.”

EIA is keen to promote its sustainability efforts and and environmental initiatives, which include measuring and reporting on energy and carbon targets; LEED Certification of Central Tower and terminal expansion; and participation in ACI’s Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) programme.

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