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Frankfurt Airport has laid the cornerstone for its new Terminal 3, the benefits of which operator, Fraport, claims will be felt across Germany.


Fraport AG CEO, Stefan Schulte, said: “We are building the future with Terminal 3 – for Frankfurt Airport, the entire Rhine-Main region and far beyond.

“By employing state-of-the-art technology and intelligent processes to create an outstanding passenger experience, we are meeting the promise inherent in our slogan, ‘Gute Reise! We make it happen’.

“With the new terminal, we are adding sufficient capacity for about 21 million more travellers annually by the year 2023.

“Frankfurt is already an international leader in terms of connectivity. No other aviation hub in the world offers more destinations to business or leisure travellers than Frankfurt Airport. And Terminal 3 will further strengthen Germany’s most important gateway to the world.”

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the event, Dr Thomas Schäfer, Minister of Finance for the state of Hesse, noted: “Today we aren’t just laying the cornerstone for a new airport building. We are also establishing the basis for more jobs, more opportunities, and greater economic vitality.

“The construction of Terminal 3 is an important step for strengthening the airport’s competitiveness and therefore also that of the state of Hesse as a center of economic activity.

“Over the next few years, Fraport AG will invest up to €4 billion in the project. This has the potential to create many new jobs while increasing the importance of Frankfurt Airport as Germany’s largest place of employment.

“But even though the airport is the powerhouse of Hesse’s economy, this doesn’t mean that it has free rein. The state government will continue to insist that the aviation industry uphold its strong commitment to reducing noise and environmental burdens.”


Terminal 3’s Pier G, with capacity for up to five million passengers, will be completed by 2021 in the southern part of Frankfurt Airport.

The complex will later be integrated into Terminal 3’s premium product.

The plans call for the main terminal building, along with Piers H and J, to be completed in 2023, effectively equipping the airport an additional 21 million passengers per annum.

According to Fraport, there will be an option to later add a Pier K, thus increasing the new terminal’s total capacity to 25mppa.


Fraport supervisory board chairman, Karlheinz Weimar, commentedL “Frankfurt Airport is a premium air traffic hub. This is obvious from the growing number of travellers wishing to fly from and via Frankfurt.

“In view of the buoyant growth in passenger volumes, it is high time to enlarge our capacity. So it’s good news that one pier can be completed ahead of the rest.

“Pier G will begin operating and providing additional capacity as early as 2021. This leaves no doubt that we were right to opt for an architectural design that could be flexibly adjusted as required.”

Explaining the concepts behind the terminal’s design, architect, Christoph Mäckler, said: “What passengers want before and after flying is, more than anything else, rest and relaxation. 

“This was an essential leitmotif for designing Terminal 3, alongside maximising the technical and functional flexibility of the building complex.

“The light-flooded interior spaces feature high-quality materials in warm natural hues to evoke a pleasant ambiance that invites passengers to relax and stay a while.
“In this respect, the new terminal will be the first of a new generation worldwide.”

Fraport Ausbau Süd GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fraport AG, is responsible for managing, supervising and monitoring the construction project.

The approved budget amounts to between €3.5 and €4 billion, Fraport’s largest single investment at Frankfurt Airport.

Some 500 individual contracts are being awarded for a wide variety of tasks, which is benefitting a large number of small and mid-sized construction companies, including in the Frankfurt region. 


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