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Construction work has recommenced on Denver International Airport’s Great Hall Project, where global design firm, Stantec, has been appointed lead designer.

The work will include a renovation of DEN’s Jeppesen Terminal to create an airport for the future with enhanced safety and security, a more intuitive passenger flow, and increased capacity to accommodate continued growth.

Hensel Phelps is serving as construction manager and general contractor.
Since opening, DEN has grown into one of the world’s busiest airline hubs handling close to 70 passengers annually and, despite the current downturn in throughput due to coronavirus pandemic, its passenger numbers are expected to grow by 23% in the next 15 years and reach 110 million passengers by 2040.

The Jeppesen Terminal is one of the most iconic airport terminals in the world, and according to Stantec, the redevelopment will serve to enhance that world-class passenger experience by leveraging technology to speed the journey from kerb to gate.

Whether arriving or departing, it believes that the revitalised Great Hall will extend a warm welcome and create a lasting impression for travellers.
DEN new and sunny
The design will consolidate two TSA checkpoints to one end of the terminal and create efficiency by allowing for balanced redistribution of passengers.

The new checkpoints will be configured to reduce passenger stress while increasing throughput and improving security. Boutique queuing zones and lane management will humanise the passenger experience while queuing.

Stantec reveals that beautifully clad state-of-the-art Automated Screening Lanes (ASLs) will incorporate innovative technology – including automated tray returns, alarmed bag diverters, and remote screening – that is less intrusive and speeds up passenger screening processes.

The implementation of hybrid ticket counters that feature self-service bag drop capability or agent assistance at every counter will allow passengers a choice of check-in process.
This will be combined with amenities such as repack stations with built-in scales and tables for passengers to rearrange their luggage contents to avoid weight overage charges.

“Denver International Airport is one of the busiest airports in North America, and growing at a rapid rate,” said Alexander Thome, Stantec principal based in Denver.

“We’re excited to roll up our sleeves and get to work on advancing security, increasing capacity, elevating the passenger experience, and completing the transformation of one of the nation’s premier airports.

“This is a project that requires collaboration, communication, and a focus on exceptional delivery. We’re thrilled for construction to recommence.”

Stantec is providing architecture, interior design, design management, and project control services.

The firm’s Denver office will collaborate with aviation experts from Stantec’s Vancouver and Toronto offices to verify existing designs, identify design innovation opportunities and budget and schedule efficiencies. Stantec will also provide construction observation services.

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