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Travelex to expand Middle East store portfolio

Foreign exchange company Travelex has announced plans to expand its portfolio of stores across the Middle East. 

Having opened two new stores in Qatar’s Hamad International Airport earlier this year, Travelex is now working to expand its footprint across Bahrain, Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi airports over the coming quarters. 

The expansion comes as major regional and global events, such as the UAE Expo 2020 and 2022 FIFA World Cup, are set to drive international visitors back to the Middle East.

Whilst the majority of new stores will be located at airport locations, in certain markets, such as Qatar, Travelex is also looking to expand its presence downtown and at seaport locations. The company is also working to refine both its store experience and product offering.

In line with changing consumer habits post-COVID, Travelex’s new, redesigned stores will offer a more open, streamlined experience enabling customers to complete transactions more efficiently and with less physical interaction than before.

Customers will also be afforded a wider range of digitally driven products, with Travelex investing in on-the-move mobile kiosks, a larger ATM estate and solutions such as pre-paid travel cards and click-and-collect services. 

“As the retail landscape shifts and international travel starts to return, Travelex is working to innovate, expand and embrace new digital opportunities. Through this regional expansion, we look forward to working with our regional partners to help bring about the next stage of the industry’s sustainable growth,” said Batu Dolay, managing director of Travelex Middle East & Turkey. 


Touchless bag drop trial at London Heathrow 

Amadeus’ touchless bag drop technology is being trialled at London’s Heathrow Airport. The new contactless experience has initially been installed on six of Heathrow’s Auto Bag Drop (ABD) units provided by ICM Airport Technics, an Amadeus company. The trial means passengers using any of the six trial ABD units can drop their luggage quickly, safely and easily.

Richard Dinkelmann, CEO of ICM Airport Technics, noted: “We’re working closely with our airport and airline partners to deliver solutions that help them adapt passenger services to the new environment.”

Cleveland Hopkins joins The Club

Airport Dimensions has opened a Club lounge (Club CLE) at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, which it promises will help “elevate the travel experience for passengers” at the Ohio gateway.

Designed by award-winning Texas-based architects Ibanez Shaw, the lounge uses natural lighting to create an uplifting, relaxing ambiance for guests, and affords dramatic views over the nearby airfield. It also offers a variety of seating to suit the various needs of the modern traveller, from productivity to rest and relaxation.

The lounge was launched in partnership with FLŌH Vodka, which operates a FLŌH-branded bar in the facility and has created a hand crafted, small batch, gluten free, allergen free and Kosher Seal certified vodka made from American corn and pure Oregon water. 

Jacques Evans, CEO and founder of the FLŌH brand, has become a major force on the Cleveland hospitality scene and has distinguished himself through hosting community give back events such as Heart of the Cocktail Experience at the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art.

He said: “We’re incredibly proud of our heritage and are looking forward to working with Airport Dimensions to bring a true taste of Cleveland to guests at our new FLŌH Vodka bar. With its distinction as The Caviar of Vodka, FLŌH Vodka will bring an extra level of ultra-sophistication to The Club CLE.”

 Nancy Knipp, president (Americas) of Airport Dimensions, noted: “The Club CLE is another great addition to our ever-growing portfolio of shared-use airport lounges and experiences, and we’re delighted to be opening in a new location at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. 

“This premium space will provide passengers with unparalleled customer service in a relaxing environment that will enhance their overall travel experience. In addition, our partnership with FLŌH Vodka will help create a unique environment that adds the unexpected edge and sophistication that is synonymous with the FLŌH brand.” 


Dufry extends Cambodia duty free concession

Dufry has extended its duty-free concession at Cambodia’s three international airports in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville or another five-and-a-half years.

The extended concession contract starts in October 2021 and covers departure and arrival duty-free shops at the Phnom Penh and Siem Reap hubs as well as the departure shop at the Sihanoukville airport with a total sales area of 2,680sqm, which Dufry has operated ever since 2003.

As part of the contract extension and aligned with Cambodia Airports’ retail development plan, Dufry will refurbish the duty-free shops at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airports, while the departure store at Sihanoukville was successfully redesigned in 2019.

To match VINCI Airports’ “sense of place” approach, the new offering will be complemented by an attractive assortment of local Cambodian products and souvenirs. All departure stores are conceived as walk-trough shops.

WBP Profiles


Membership Region: Europe

Contact: Claudio Tomei

E: Info@almaviva.it

W: www.almaviva.it/it_IT/

AlmavivA is synonymous with digital innovation, stating that its proven experience, unique skills, ongoing research and in-depth knowledge of a range of public and private market sectors are what make it the leading Italian group in information and communications technology. AlmavivA helps companies remain competitive in today’s digital age by innovating their business model, organisation, enterprise culture and ICT.


Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Membership Region: North America

Contact: Nancy Clawson

E: nancy.clawson@bofa.com

W: www.bankofamerica.com

Bank of America Securities (BofA Securities) is a full-service global investment-banking firm responsible for meeting the capital formation needs of corporations, institutions and governments. BofA Securities was the leading underwriter of municipal debt in the United States in 2019. The services provided by its transportation group incorporates structuring, underwriting, and marketing tax-exempt and taxable airport financing/refinancing, including airport special facility financings.



Membership Region: North America

Type of Business: Planning & Construction

W: www.woolpert.com 

Woolpert’s comprehensive, in-house services help airport customers reach the full potential of their operations by providing complete planning, design, environmental, enterprise information management (EIM), surveying, and aerial mapping/remote sensing services for capital improvement programmes. Its resourceful and innovative aviation professionals support the sustainability of projects by utilising a wide range of delivery methods, including traditional design-bid, programme management, design-build, and construction administration services. Woolpert works closely with the FAA and state departments of transportation in regards to project funding.

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