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Plug and Play, which spawned the likes of Google, PayPal and Dropbox, is to establish a ‘start-up hub’ at Airport City Vienna for innovative business ideas.

According to the airport, the future competitiveness of the business location strongly depends on good development opportunities for start-ups and company founders. 

It notes that Plug and Play in Vienna’s airport city is designed to emerge as the headquarters for Central and Eastern Europe with a focus on the programme priorities of ‘Smart Cities’ and ‘Travel & Hospitality’.

Starting in the late summer of 2019, start-ups will find dedicated space for their innovative spirit in Office Park 3.  


“The partnership with Plug and Play creates a fantastic win-win situation for the growing business location of Airport City Vienna, serving as a globally networked magnet for the most creative minds but also as a pool of ideas and talents for established companies,” says Flughafen Wien AG’s Julian Jäger.

While Saeed Amidi, CEO and founder of Plug and Play, says: “Innovation knows no boundaries, and thus does not exclude any industry. In Silicon Valley, Austria has the reputation of fusing traditional quality with what is new.

“I am very interested in all the technologies we will be able to spread throughout the world from Austria and look forward to seeing what our Austrian partners will press ahead with.”

Not surprisingly, Renée Wagner, managing director of Plug and Play Vienna, is as equally enthusiastic.

She said: “Austria’s favourable geographical location in the centre of Europe is excellently suited to initially pilot disruptive technologies throughout the country and then use Austria as the base to develop them into a European or even a global trailblazer.

“From a strategic perspective, the Airport City site was decisive for us in light of the fact that start-ups and partners from all over the world can be flown in here and that we will also support local talents in our network above and beyond the country’s borders.”


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