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Up to 2,000 new jobs going at Brisbane Airport


Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is hosting the BNE Careers Expo next month to encourage up to 2,000 new employees to consider a career at the airport precinct.

The airport ‘jobs bonanza’ covers a diverse range of roles including: security, baggage handling, government agencies, airlines, customers service, engineering, corporate services, landscaping, bus drivers, hospitality and retail workers.

BAC CEO, Gert-Jan de Graaff, says the range of positions includes professional services through to “start tomorrow” opportunities.

He enthuses: “The BNE Careers Expo on September 10 is not only focused on filling the jobs vacancies we have today, it’s about opening up career opportunities for the future.

“Currently there are around 24,000 people employed across 425 businesses at Brisbane Airport. That is forecast to grow to 60,000 workers by 2050.

“So we need to get people thinking about this place as not only a gateway for a holiday, but a destination for a satisfying career. This is one of the most important job hubs in Queensland.”

He continues: “You can work 9 to 5 in an office, or you can work at an airport city. I’ve been around airports for most of my life, there’s a buzz here you don’t find anywhere else, no matter what industry you work in.

“There is honestly something interesting happening on this precinct all the time.”

“The Brisbane Airport precinct is a 24/7 city in itself. There are shifts around the clock that can work in with modern families and their needs.

“We have people here choosing to do shifts that fit around their kids, or partners’ work. We have daycare onsite. There’s the DFO and Skygate for shopping. Even a 24/7 Woolworths to grab dinner on your way home, whatever the hour.

“This is a place that never closes, serving the needs of Queensland. And you get a free airshow every day.”

According to Mr de Graaff Brisbane Airport Corporation is looking at creative ways to make airport employment work for people.

“So we’re bringing many of the airport employers together to get creative. We’re looking for win-wins for people,” notes de Graaff.

“Aviation is back. And the jobs are here. And the airport is a fascinating place to work. It’s a 24/7 operation so there are shifts around the clock to fit into the lifestyles of busy Queenslanders.”

The BNE Careers Expo is on 10 September 2022 at the Brisbane Airport precinct, and gives job candidates an opportunity to meet face to face with companies who need staff now.

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