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UK’s Birmingham Airport publishes GHG emissions report


Birmingham Airport (BHX) in the UK today published its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions report for 2021/22.

The report reveals emissions rose 12% on the previous year, 2020/21, when operations were severely reduced by COVID.

Publishing a full GHG emissions inventory covering Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions is a first for BHX, which notes that it signals its intent to increase transparency and invite greater levels of public accountability as it progresses towards its goal of becoming a net zero carbon airport by 2033.

Included in its report are emissions from aircraft on-stand power, engine testing and customer and staff journeys to work.

Simon Richards, finance director for Birmingham Airport, said: “We’re publishing this report because we want to make our journey to net zero carbon in the right way by doing the right things.

“We want to be held to account. We welcome scrutiny. And we want new ideas. Which is why we’re revealing greater detail on our GHG emissions than ever before.

“If you really want, you can monitor our use of refrigerants year on year, tracking our progress to reduce them. If it produces GHGs, it’s in there.”

One aspect of BHX’s plan to hit net zero by 2033 is sourcing 40% of its electricity from solar.

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