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Tulsa Airport enplanements hit highest monthly total for 15 years


Tulsa International Airport has announced a significant milestone, it handled more outbound passengers in October 2023 than it has in a single month since July 2008.

The Oklahoma gateway accommodated a total of 149,876 enplanements in October – 4.5% more than in the corresponding month a year ago, 11% up on October 2019 and the highest monthly total for 15 years.

The October 2023 figures also represent the highest October enplanement numbers since the year 2000, emphasising the sustained growth and popularity of Tulsa International Airport as a hub for both domestic and international travellers.

“We are thrilled to see such robust numbers in October, reflecting the dedication of our airport community and the resiliency of the air travel market in Tulsa,” said Andrew Pierini, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust.

“Our airline partners have invested new routes and capacity into our market and Tulsans have taken full advantage of the new capacity growth.”

The airport notes that it continues to invest in infrastructure, technology, and customer service initiatives to meet the evolving needs of travellers and maintain its position as a safe, efficient, self-supporting airport system for the citizens of the Tulsa metropolitan area and surrounding region.

Airport staff and partners look forward to building on this momentum and further contributing to the growth and success of the region’s air travel industry.

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