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Torino Airport continues to reduce its carbon footprint


Torino Airport (Turin) has received Level 3 ‘Optimisation’ status in ACI’s Airport Carbon Accreditation programme.

The programme is aimed at airport management companies pursuing carbon neutrality goals by neutralising CO2 emissions under their direct control with energy efficiency programmes and the use of renewable energy sources.

The Level 3 ‘Optimisation’ recognises the airport for its greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and management from its own operations as well as collaboration with third parties, such as airlines and service providers, in reduction strategies.

Andrea Andorno, CEO of Torino Airport, said: “This is an important recognition of the great commitment we have made to the environment, the territory and future generations to make our industry increasingly sustainable.

“Being able to involve third parties in this sustainability process is a key piece in spreading the culture of respect for the environment and contributing in a shared perspective to the fight against the climate crisis”.

The Italian gateway notes that all Level 2 ‘Reduction’ accreditation requirements (achieved by Torino Airport in 2021) remain binding, starting with the carbon reduction implementation plan.

Over the past five years, Torino Airport has reduced CO2 emissions under its direct control by 34% and has a number of projects in the pipeline to further reduce its impact on the environment.

These are said to include installing electricity producing photovoltaic panels; replacing carbon guzzling support vehicles with hybrid or full electric ones; new more environmentally friendly lighting systems and the installation of trigenerative systems with hydrogen-ready fuel cells for self-generation of electricity and thermal energy.

Olivier Jankovec, Director General of ACI EUROPE, said: “I am delighted to congratulate Torino Airport on successfully achieving Level 3 ‘Optimisation’ of Airport Carbon Accreditation.

“It is important to stress that continued climate action in the current extreme circumstances faced by our industry is particularly noteworthy.

“In addition, reaching Level 3 of Airport Carbon Accreditation means that Torino Airport is now going beyond the emissions under its direct control and engaging with companies operating at its premises to drive third party CO2 reductions.

“Well done to everyone involved in this challenging endeavour and congratulations again”.

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