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Time for a new experience at Copenhagen Airport


The creation of its first ‘Experience Space’ ensures that a new and truly unique experience is awaiting the travellers at Copenhagen Airport, according Gebr Heinemann.

The travel retailer reveals that the new innovation centres around the overarching topic of ‘fluid perspectives’ and invites the visitors to enjoy cutting edge innovation with lift and learn technology, interactive digital screens and a digital floor as well as highly immersive visual and sound elements.

The new Experience Space’ is located within the TAX FREE store at Copenhagen Airport.

Travellers are invited on a multi-sensory and interactive journey

Heinemann explains: “One step on the floor and the travellers see the water move beneath them, one wave of the hand and the water changes direction on the multiple digital screens surrounding them.

“When the visitors lift the model of a water drop presented throughout the space, the screens show them details on the important role that water plays for Denmark with its 8,750 kilometres of coastline and for the capital Copenhagen with its high-quality tap water and exciting projects like underwater gardening.

“All the while hearing the soothing sound of flowing water. The new ‘Experience Space’ at Copenhagen Airport invites travellers on a multi-sensory, interactive and engaging journey showcasing innovative and agile digital elements”.

Five brands – Narciso Rodriguez​, Talisker Wilder Seas, Absolut Vodka as well as the two Danish sunglass brands MessyWeekend and James Ay – are presented within the space, showcasing their connection to water and the environment.

Through the lift and learn technology the visitors can gain a deeper knowledge and a connection to the brands and their products. For example, they can learn that a £3 donation from every sold bottle of Talisker Wilder Seas Whiskey is made​ to help protect the oceans. Or that all James Ay eyewear is made from Mazzucchelli M49, a material of which 90% can be converted to natural gasses and the remaining share turns into water and biomass,

The brands that are presented in the ‘Experience Space’ will be switched regularly.

Katrin Bamler, managing director of Gebr Heinemann in Copenhagen, says: “We are very happy to present this amazing new concept to the travellers.

“I have never seen anything like it, and I think that it offers the perfect mix of content, excitement and shopping opportunity. We share a longstanding and very trustful partnership with Copenhagen Airport and are delighted that they embarked on this new adventure with us.”

While Åsa Söderberg, head of sales and e-commerce at Copenhagen Airports A/S, notes: “At Copenhagen Airport, we always strive to give our passengers an extraordinary experience.

“The new ‘Experience Space’ provides new forms of interaction and inspiration between brands and customers and we are pleased Gebr Heinemann chose Copenhagen Airport for the launch of the new concept.

“The area will focus on brands that can deliver an extraordinary experience and gives smaller local Danish brands the opportunity to reach a wider audience. Our experience shows that unique experiences and good service are closely linked with increased sales and something that passengers today expect from traditional retail.”

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