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Visby Airport has unveiled a new integrated bag drop system which it believes will make flying from the Swedish gateway easier and more convenient for passengers.

“With this modern, innovative bag drop service, Visby Airport will be an even smoother and more efficient airport,” predicts airport director, Gunnar Jonasson.

“It is gratifying that we can now offer automated solutions for every step of our passengers’ journey at the airport. This investment is an important part of the development work to modernise Visby Airport in preparation for the needs of the future.

“Everything we do takes place in close collaboration with airlines and other partners at the airport and is designed to make the travel experience as efficient as possible.”

Airport operator, Swedavia, notes that the aim of its self-service concepts, such as automated bag drop, automated check-in machines and automated entry gates at the security checkpoint, are to make travel easier for passengers through smoother flows and fewer queues at the airport.

It adds that when the airport group develops its airports, the focus is on automation and digitisation since new technology accounts for a large share of its innovative solutions.

Today more than 80% of passengers use some form of self-service overall at Swedavia’s airports.

Self-service solutions are found across Sweden, from Malmö Airport in the south to Kiruna Airport in the north.

One of Swedavia’s sustainability targets is for the company’s operations – at all ten airports – to be fossil-free by 2020 at the latest.

At Visby Airport, this target was reached in June last year, thus making it the second Swedavia airport to reach the target after Ronneby Airport, which became completely fossil-free in the autumn of 2016.


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