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The baggage handling system in Munich Airport’s Terminal 2 and its satellite building is to be upgraded by Siemens Logistics.

The contract, awarded by Terminal 2 Gesellschaft, a joint subsidiary of Munich Airport and Lufthansa, will ensure that the BHS is better equipped to meet futue demand.


Siemens notes that the recent upgrade to the current safety and security regulations means that all baggage handling systems require explosives detection systems based on Standard 3 of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC).

This effectively means the replacement of the X-ray equipment in the baggage handling system.

As a result, Siemens says that it will be installing the latest generation technology which provides high-resolution 3D imaging and enhanced scanning quality.

“We are pleased to carry on the excellent collaboration with the Terminal 2 Gesellschaft and to support Munich Airport in further increasing its efficiency and competitiveness,” says Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics.

Marco Butz, authorised representative and head of processes and central infrastructure at the Terminal 2 Gesellschaft, comments: “We always aim to provide our air passengers with the best of comfort and the highest possible security.

“This is why we count on Siemens’ many years of experience to help us achieve the goals we have set – secure, rapid, and smooth baggage handling.”

A special challenge presented by the project is the fact that work will have to be conducted during ongoing operations, without causing any restrictions to normal flight operations.

It is, however, a challenge that Siemens is confident is can meet to ensure that the prokect is completed by mid-2022.

Siemens serves 16 of the 20 largest passenger airports worldwide, which together process a total of 1.1 billion airline customers per year. 


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