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Copenhagen Airport came close to breaking its monthy record for July when 3.1 million passengers passed through the Danish gateway.

The airport also reports that 87% of passengers questioned about their airport experience were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the levels of service they received.


A total of 3,109,498 travellers passed through the airport in July, just 38,213 short of last year’s all-time high, as the summer holidays began in earnest in Denmark and mainland Europe.  
“We had a very busy month in July – first with the many travellers leaving for their holiday destinations and now with many of them returning from holiday. This resulted in 14 days during the month with more than 100,000 passengers passing through the terminals,” said Thomas Woldbye, CEO of Copenhagen Airport.

 Record high satisfaction

And passengers are more satisfied with their journeys through the airport than ever before, according to the findings of ACI’s Airport Service Quality (ASQ) satisfaction survey, which is conducted at more than 350 airports all over the world.
Indeed, satisfaction rates increased from 80% to 87% in the first six months of the year with the vast majority of travellers satisfied or very satisfied with service levels, facilities and the passage through the airport.
“In a busy summer season, a record-high passenger satisfaction rate is a well-deserved pat on the shoulder to all of our staff, from check-in, cleaning services, security, baggage handling, passport control to customer services as well as to the stores in the terminals,” adds Woldbye.


More space and facilities for passengers

Woldbye also views the passenger satisfaction rates as an acknowledgement of all the improvements the airport has implemented in recent years. 
“We now have twice as much space in security, we have more space in the terminals, more shops and restaurants, a walkway directly from the metro to security, and very soon we will have a new outdoor area outside the airport with seating areas and a playground,” he enthuses.

The airport is currently investing more than DKK2 billion annually in creating the airport of the future, which it claims will offer travellers, airlines and the more than 700 businesses in the area “more space and improved services”.

The many large construction works in the busy areas of the airport have influenced the passenger experience at the airport, but most of the building site walls have now been removed, and satisfaction rates are on the rise.
The perception of the atmosphere as cosy and relaxed, for example, has risen from 70% to 76%, according to the airport.

While the experience of the cleanliness at the terminals is also at the level it was on before the large construction projects began. Now, 79% of passengers are satisfied or very satisfied.


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