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Salt Lake City opens new Central Receiving and Distribution Centre


Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) has opened a new $5.6 million Central Receiving and Distribution Center (CRDC) to improve the security screening – and enhance the health and safety – of all goods entering the airport.

Operated by Bradford Airport Logistics, the new 22,000sqft facility will receive goods for delivery to the existing airport and for the new-look gateway, which officially opens for business on September 15.

Upon arrival at the new facility, CRDC staff will carry out regulatory inspections and X-ray screening before consolidating the goods for redistribution to SLC’s terminal and concourses for the end user—the passengers.

The inspected items includes all the retail goods and food and drinks sold in SLC’s shops and F&B outlets.

“This facility will provide increased efficiency and safety, since third-party truck deliveries will no longer be made via the airfield,” says SLC’s executive director, Bill Wyatt.

“This reduced delivery truck traffic around aircraft and airport facilities is not only more secure but reduces emissions from weekly delivery trucks.”

Another sustainability component announced during the grand opening is the donation of the airport’s excess food supplies to the Salt Lake City Mission to redistribute to the community.

Airport concessionaires will bring their non-saleable, but edible food, to a storage and cooler that Bradford Airport Logistics will check daily to bring the food back to the CRDC.

From there, the SLC Mission will pick it up for immediate distribution to those in need in the community.

“Celebrating our twentieth year in business, Bradford has been the primary catalyst and developer of CRDC growth and innovation within the US and global aviation industry,” enthuses Benjamin Richter, CEO and founder, Bradford Airport Logistics.

“We are proud to operate this showcase facility on behalf of SLC.”

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