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Rome-Fiumicino to open Innovation Hub in first half of 2022


Rome airport operator, Aeroporti di Roma (ADR), and PwC Italia have created a partnership for ‘Open Innovation’ services in the Airport sector.

According to ADR, the agreement is part of its sustainability and innovation strategy and will lead to the development of an Innovation Hub and new ‘innovative ecosystem’ which it hopes will become a reference model for the airport sector and more generally for sustainable mobility.

The Innovation Hub will be inaugurated at Rome-Fiumicino’s Terminal 1 during the first half of 2022, and allow ADR to enter into new collaborations with selected innovative startups and SMEs as part of ADR’s strategy to transition its airport assets into a smart hub.

“We are accelerating our transformation process towards a smarter, more reliable and safer airport, in the name of sustainability and the lever of innovation is a central strategic guideline,” said ADR CEO, Marco Troncone.

“It is a road to be travelled by attracting and developing stimuli and ideas from the global ecosystem, in an Open Innovation logic, and by stimulating the contribution of the best national and international partners.

“But, as we continue to look at the future, we should be aware of the need to further strengthen the great intellectual capital that has long been recognised in ADR. In relation to both objectives, we are confident that working with a player of PwC’s calibre, which will offer specialist expertise and access to a large global network, will bear important fruit.”

Andrea Toselli, president and CEO of PwC Italia, commented: “We are proud to put our know-how at the disposal of this important project that aims to develop innovation applied to new sustainable mobility models.

“Start-ups will increasingly evolve along growth guidelines that will lead them to be strategic players. There is no denying the benefit that this ecosystem can bring to the reinvigoration of more traditional realities and the development of the entire economic system.

“The opportunities exist and we will do what is necessary to make them a reality.”

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