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Rome Fiumicino reopens check-in area in Terminal 1


Rome Fiumicino International Airport today reopened the check-in area in Terminal 1, which has been closed since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic in March 2020.

The airport, currently handling around 60,000 passengers a day compared to pre-COVID levels of 154,000, believes that the move will help it maximise service and safety levels as demand slowly start to rise.

As a result of the move, check-in operations for Aegean Airlines, Air Malta, Albastar, Eurowings, Ryanair and Vueling Airlines will now be carried out inside the terminal, while the baggage reclaim activities of these carriers will continue to and be carried out at Terminal 3.

All  COVID testing activities, as well as the vaccines administrated at the rapid point and ‘Vax & Go’,  vaccine administration activities remain available in Terminal 3.

According to operator, Aeroporti di Roma (ADR), the newly opened Terminal 1 check-in area has been reconfigured to enhance passenger flows that will allow it to maintain safe social distancing while processing an extra 17,000 passengers daily.

Also new is a 130 metre long artwork, which students and teachers of the AANT (Academy of Arts and New Technologies) have created for the multimedia campaign titled ‘Italian History/Italian Stories’, which showcases the Italian way of life with visual displays, urging passengers to fly again.

ADR says that the initiative “seeks to promote the beauty of our country while highlighting the work of young talents who express Italian excellence in the arts”, and is part of its new innovation strategy, highly focused on innovation.

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