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Prague Airport’s digital signage is now available in six different languages to provide extra special assistance for passengers that speak Arabiic, Chinese, Czech, English, Korean and Russian.


Located at the entrance to pier B in Terminal 1, the smart signage offers information displayed on eight digital screens and reflects the current traffic and passenger flow throughout the day.

The new technology is now being tested and, if as expected it proves successful, the airport is planning to install it in other locations as part of its daily operations.

“As the number of flights at Prague Airport continues increasing, so does the number of passengers with specific language requirements,” explains Václav Řehoř, chairman of the gateway’s board of directors.

“The growing amount of air traffic calls for information to be provided faster and more efficiently. Therefore, digital signage is another project of Prague Airport´s technology development, which goes hand-in-hand with its construction development.”

According to the airport, the language displayed on the digital signage depends on the specific locations from where passengers have come or to where they are going at any given moment. 


This means that during the day, active language versions change depending on the composition of the passenger flow.


And Prague Airport is quick to note that state-of-the-art technology means that the signage system provides much more information than conventional information boards.

In pier B, for example, it shows passengers who are getting ready to depart which gate they have to go to and how many minutes they will need to get there.

And with the help of pictograms, passengers can learn about the services located in the vicinity, such as restaurants and bathrooms, as well as where they can find a first aid defibrillator.

Passengers arriving in Prague can read which path to take to reach a specific part of the airport, such as passport control, how long it will take them to get there, which carousel will have their luggage as well as the local weather conditions.

The digital signage system, according to the airport, also displays, in a flexible and quick manner, necessary and clear information about any unexpected situation or non-standard operation at the airport.

The Czech gateway also notes that its own innovation lab, PRGAirportLab, will continue to work on technological advancements in other fields such as virtual shopping and safety,

“For the second year now, PRGAirportLab has been focusing its projects with the help of modern technologies on five areas: safety, virtual shopping, mobility of the future, customer experience and a comfortable journey through the airport,” adds Řehoř.


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