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Prague Airport celebrates life of Václav Havel


Prague Airport is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, and today it unveiled its planned tributes to former Czech President, Václav Havel, whom it has officially been named after since 2012.

Working with the Václav Havel Library, the airport has prepared two exhibitions of photographs from the life of the former president.

“The first will be installed in the public part of the Terminal 1 and 2 connecting corridor on exhibition panels, while the second will be located across the airport, primarily airside,” said Jakub Puchalský, member of the Prague Airport Board of Directors.

“We have decided to install photographs in the Relax Zones of both terminal buildings.

The exhibition in the connecting corridor will last until the end of October, while the photographs in the transit areas will remain on display until the end of the year.

In both the Departure and Arrival Halls, by the Forum Havlum installation, passengers will find info tablets, from which they can learn everything about the airport renaming, view photographs, and comprehend the importance of the Forum Havlum art object and the Flying Man tapestry.

They can also learn more about life the life of the former president and view a tapestry, based on an illustration by artist Peter Sís, which will be complemented by a large-format info panel including a photograph of Václav Havel  above the area leading to Terminal 2 Pier C.

Reflecting on the official 10 year anniversary of the airport being named Václav Havel Prague Airport, chairman of the Prague Airport Board of Directors, Jiří Pos, said: “I am still thankful for the opportunity to have been a part of the airport renaming process ten years ago and, together with my colleagues, to have been able to live up to the expectations of the act with dignity.

“I think that thanks to the new name, and especially to the personality of Mr Havel, we have become even more broadly acknowledged as a worthy and confident air hub in the heart of Europe.”

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