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Prague Airport aiming to boost inbound tourism to Czech Republic


Representatives of Prague Airport, CzechTourism and Prague City Tourism have signed a Memorandum on a long-term joint approach to the resumption and expansion of inbound tourism to Prague and the Czech Republic.

It is tourism that the parties involved see as one of the preconditions for both economic recovery post the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic growth.

The co-operation also seeks to promote the development and support of sustainable tourism, which will contribute to the positive development of Prague and other regions of the Czech Republic without negatively interfering with everyday life in tourist-exposed places, such as the capital city centre.

The Memorandum on joint support of inbound tourism was signed by Vaclav Rehor, chairman of the Prague Airport Board of Director (pictured above); Hana Třeštíková, Councillor for Culture and Tourism; Jan Herget, director of the CzechTourism Agency; and František Cipro, chairman of the Prague City Tourism Board of Directors.

The key pre-condition for the implementation of the agreed co-operation and joint activities is a good epidemiological situation and a gradual return to normal social life.

According to Prague Airport’s Rehor, the resumption and development of air connections with Prague depend primarily on inbound tourism, which accounts for approximately 70% of Prague Airport’s operations.

“It is, therefore, important for us to support, among other things, the demand for trips to Prague, which is the biggest attraction for foreign tourists,” he says.

“Only on the basis of strong demand, airlines will launch new flights, from which the Czechs will benefit, too. In this perspective, the co-operation with CzechTourism, Prague City Tourism and the capital city of Prague is immensely important for us.”

A particular goal of Prague Airport is, alongside the general resumption of air connections, the development of new long-haul routes in the coming years.

These routes are then to generate sustainable inbound tourism, characterised by true interest in the Czech Republic, local cultural and social life, longer stays and generous visitor budgets, for example, to seek quality services,” notes Rehor.

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