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Perth Airport is turning to technology to help it enhance the passenger experience and better equip it to handle traffic growth.

The gateway is committed to an extensive upgrade of its passenger handling systems, underpinned by a fully integrated suite of solutions from Amadeus and subsidiary, ICM Technics.

The extensive agreement sees Perth build on its use of Amadeus’ cloud-based passenger handling platform, which has been in operation since 2015.

According to Amadeus, the new upgrades will mean that the Australian airport can rapidly scale services up and down to match peaks and troughs in demand.

It also notes that the platform’s ability to deliver flexibility has been an important factor in the airport’s decision to choose Amadeus to modernise its entire passenger handling systems.

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Perth Airport CEO, Kevin Brown, said: “The passenger experience is paramount and with new automated technologies we can serve more passengers to a higher standard, supporting the growth of our airport.

“The expansion of cloud-enabled technology at Perth Airport will significantly improve the passenger handling process. Our airline partners can also expect continuous improvements from the integrated technology.”

Automation is at the heart of Perth’s passenger experience strategy with the introduction of ICM’s Hybrid Auto Bag Drop units and check-in kiosks, along with ICM’s common use self-service platform.

The hybrid functionality means passengers can check-in and drop their bags independently, or the same units can be switched to full-service mode and staffed for conventional check-in.

This provides both airlines and travellers at Perth with the flexibility they need to ensure a smooth journey for everyone, whether they are frequent fliers or occasional holiday-makers.

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Amadeus Passenger Verification will be installed, allowing validation of a passenger’s permissions to go airside using their boarding pass, making this step of the passenger journey quicker and easier.

This project is readying Perth for the future, as travellers are also set to become some of the first in the world to use their biometric identifiers at touchpoints including check-in and boarding as part of a planned trial.

The proof of concept will see passengers self-serve using their unique biometric identifiers at key points within the airport.

“Perth Airport is taking a major step to transform the way it serves passengers by harnessing the latest advances in technology,” noted Bruno Spada, Amadeus’ executive vice president for Airport IT.  

“What’s different about Perth’s vision is the use of modern technology to deliver an improved experience by utilising automation at every step of the traveller’s journey, from check-in to boarding.

“Bringing ICM into Amadeus has made all this possible and we look forward to seeing the benefits this technology will bring for our customers and their passengers.”


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