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Norway’s airports invest in customer satisfaction technology


Eight of Norway’s biggest airports will soon boast new customer experience feedback technology provided by HappyorNot.

Its  Smiley Touch touchscreen terminals will help airport operator, Avinor, collect customer feedback at security checkpoints at the gateways, which include Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger.

According to HappyorNot, with this in-moment, actionable customer experience feedback data, “Avinor’s management and staff will be able to identify, and immediately rectify, issues that are affecting passenger satisfaction, and make improvements based on data, rather than unscientific hunches”.

Avinor will be able to, through HappyOrNot’s reporting platform, consisting of an online dashboard, app and email reports, view minute-by-minute happiness breakdowns which illustrate highest and lowest satisfaction levels.

Terminals will be located at the exit of security areas, helping to gauge customer sentiment 24/7 and speed up access to actionable data, via an online dashboard, app and email reports.

Results from the first two months of operation in Oslo Airport provided evidence that instant feedback data increased engagement from team leaders in day-to-day operations.

Avinor has already identified customer pain points, with the results being different to what the company had expected. For example, rather than the unhappy feedback provided by customers being related to waiting times, it was instead because of customer service, which, through staff training, is a much easier issue to resolve.

In addition, Avinor will provide frontline staff with full visibility of feedback impressions via a live feed in staff lunch rooms, which will boost motivation and engagement towards improving performance.

HappyorNot claims that sustained monitoring of satisfaction levels through security will also help Avinor to reinforce and strengthen the quality assurance of their security suppliers whereby specific contractual bonuses can be achieved when substantiated through feedback data results.

It believes that the customer service feedback received from the kiosks will ensure that Avinor is able bridge the gap between instantaneous feedback data and seasonal questionnaires, which are rolled out quarterly.

Avinor’s passenger experience manager, Terje Orskaug, says: “We want our customers to enjoy the time they spend in our airports, and by utilising the feedback data collected via HappyOrNot terminals, we have a great opportunity to transform and improve the airport experience of our customers.

“This level of contextualised insight will enable us to better understand our customers, and also cater to their changing attitudes in light of the pandemic.”

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