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New technology to enhance passenger flows at Leeds Bradford Airport


Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) in the UK has announced an innovative technology partnership to improve queue management and the passenger experience.

LBA has partnered with Veovo to introduce AI-powered passenger predictability technology to its airport operation. This technology will optimise airport security area operations and passenger flow throughout the terminal by analysing real-time data on passengers.

The new technology, which aggregates data from multiple sensors throughout the terminal, accurately measures live passenger occupancy, throughput, and queue times in security.

This, notes Veovo, enables LBA to “dynamically resource staffing, plan layout and lane openings, as well as predict potential queuing bottlenecks”.

In addition, the new technology will allow Leeds Bradford Airport to proactively communicate wait times to passengers.

The airport’s chief operating officer and accountable manager, Damian Ives, said: “With many passengers returning to the airport, it was vital that we continue to provide travellers with smooth, safe journeys, as well as clarity and reassurance on their wait times.

“With Veovo support, we are now regularly delivering our targeted service level of greater than 90% of customers through security in less than 20 minutes. The solution helps us manage passenger expectations better, making for a more pleasant travel experience.”

Veovo build and implement technology that support airport operations around the world, with platforms including Passenger Flow Analytics & Forecasting, Resource & Revenue Management, AODB and FIDS.

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