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Park Assist, LLC, has announced the results of a five-month long data-driven study conducted in collaboration with Brisbane Airport Corporation quantifying the impact of its camera-based smart sensor parking guidance system (PGS) on the airport’s parker experience. 

According to Dr Poorvi Kaushik, Park Assist’s lead data scientist for the research study, it is believed to be the first of its kind in the industry, based on the methodology used and sample size.


Designed as an A/B research methodology, this ground-breaking study included nearly 1.2 million data points associated with over 120,000 unique customer journeys.

During Phase A all pilot lights and wayfinding signage of Park Assist’s PGS were disabled, only to be switched on in Phase B.

Parking behaviours and outcomes were measured throughout both phases to determine how Park Assist’s wayfinding technology impacted driver decision-making and time to park.

The analysis identified several benefits attributed to the PGS. In particular, the time it took drivers to park was reduced by 33% across different times, locations and types of parkers.

Under certain scenarios time to park was reduced as much as 50%. These benefits, says Park Assist, are attributable to the ability of its M4 PGS to enhance driver decision-making by providing informed real-time recommendations on where to park.

“In our car parks we design each product from the customer’s perspective and always look to innovative ways to improve the experience,” notes Brisbane Airport Corporation’s head of parking and transport services, Martin Ryan.

“The parking guidance system installed combined with intelligent wayfinding is a great example of how technology can be used to reduce stress and provide a frictionless experience in car parks.”

The Brisbane Study is one of several studies Park Assist’s data scientists are conducting to evaluate, design and develop products that positively impact parker experience and provide greater control to carpark owners and operators.

“We are truly grateful to Brisbane Airport Corporation who demanded rigorous research standards and protocols to validate Park Assist’s claim that our technology delivers what we have always promised – an elevated parker experience,” says Gary Neff, CEO of Park Assist. “The results speak for themselves.”

Interested parties can have a more in-depth look at the Brisbane Airport Corporation-Park Assist study through this link


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