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New processing technology for Nepal’s main airports


The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has selected Collins Aerospace to provide passenger processing and baggage systems at Nepal’s Tribhuvan (KTM), Gautam Buddha (BWA) and Pokhara (PKR) international airports.

According to Collins, its solutions will help the airports ease congestion; enable airlines to accelerate passenger processing and sort, route and handle baggage with higher accuracy; and streamline the passenger’s experience with the ability to self check-in, tag and dispatch their own luggage.

The systems to be deployed include ARINC Multi-User System Environment (MUSE), ARINC SelfServ Common Use Self Service (CUSS) Kiosks, ARINC Self Service Bag Drop, ARINC BagLink and Baggage Reconciliation System. 

KTM is located at Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, Bagmati Province. The airport is Nepal’s busiest in terms of passengers’ movement and is the only air-gate to Nepal from international destinations and links with all domestic airports.

BWA is one of the oldest airports in Nepal after KTM, serving tourists who visit Lumbini for its Buddhist Heritage Tour, and PKR is the aerial gateway to the Himalayan and Annapurna regions in Nepal.

It will serve as an alternative to KTM in the event of an emergency and facilitate direct connectivity to South and East Asian countries.


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