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New majority shareholder for Parma International Airport


Parma International Airport has a major new shareholder after Canadian aviation company, Centerline Airport Partners, announced the acquisition of a 51% stake in the Italian gateway.

Centerline believes that the strategic investment underscores its commitment to enhancing connectivity, air service development, customer experience, and safety at the airport in line with its approved master plan and stakeholder considerations.

It is also confident that the new partnership will bring significant benefits to the city and people of Parma as it aims to elevate the airport’s operations and services.

Indeed, it states that the company’s global perspective will ensure that Parma International Airport not only meets but exceeds international standards, benefiting travellers, businesses, and the local community.

“Centerline is honoured to take a leading role in the future of Parma International Airport. Our international experience and commitment to excellence will bring significant benefits to the city and its people,” enthused president and CEO, Andrew O’Brian.

“We look forward to working closely with ENAC, UPI, daa International, Universal Weather and Aviation, and all stakeholders to make Parma International Airport a leading hub in the region. Together, we will enhance connectivity, improve customer experiences, and ensure the highest standards of safety and infrastructure.”

Centerline is also pleased to confirm that Guido Dalla Rosa Prati will continue as the chairman of the Board. His leadership and deep understanding of the local context, it notes, will be “invaluable embarking on this new chapter”.

In line with the approved master plan, Centerline will invest in critical infrastructure upgrades to ensure the highest standards of safety and security. This includes modernising facilities, expanding capacity, and implementing advanced safety protocols.

“A strong commitment will be made to working closely with all stakeholders, including local authorities, businesses, and the community, to ensure that the airport’s development aligns with the needs and aspirations of the people of Parma,” says Centerline Airport Partners.

“In this regard, key collaboration will be with ENAC and UPI. The partnership with ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) will ensure that all regulatory requirements are met and that operations are in full compliance with national and international standards. The partnership with UPI, which will continue as a minority shareholder, is also crucial, working together towards a shared vision for the future of Parma International Airport.”

Centerline’s technical partner, daa International, will support the development of Parma International Airport, in a move designed to ensure the highest standards of operational efficiency and innovation. Another partner, Universal Weather and Aviation, is expected to enhance the airport’s capabilities in catering to general aviation needs, providing top-tier services to all users.

Guido Dalla Rosa Prati, president at SOGEAP, said: “Centerline, a highly experienced operator in the airport sector, will manage Giuseppe Verdi Airport in Parma. This airport, bearing an important name, will play a crucial role in our region’s development by addressing a service gap amidst growing traffic.

“Starting from the next winter season, Parma will be connected to several highly interesting destinations. Giuseppe Verdi Airport will offer high-quality service to both passengers and general aviation, avoiding competition with other airports that are focused on passenger volume, which often leads to saturated and inaccessible infrastructures.”

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