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New ATC radios for Chinese Taipei airports


The Air Navigation and Weather Services (ANWS) of Chinese Taipei has chosen Rohde & Schwarz to equip the nation’s airports with reliable communications and the highest level of security in case of emergencies.

“This contract underscores our commitment to providing uncompromising quality to our customer and partner ANWS,” said Marius Münstermann, Rohde & Schwarz’s vice president market segment for ATC.

“ANWS is already using our CERTIUM VCS voice communications system at several airports. Both the R&S Series5200 and R&S Series4200 radios are ideal for seamless system integration and effortless maintenance.”

According to RS, its new Series5200 radios represent the next generation of VHF and UHF radios for ATC communications, increasing system reliability with a new security-by-design architecture to make air travel even more secure.

It states that the radios are future-proof and later system expansions will require no additional hardware thanks to the software defined radio concept.

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