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New artwork on display at MIA ahead of Miami Art Week


Whether in town for Miami Art Week or not, travellers at Miami International Airport (MIA) can this week sample works by some of the world-renowned artists featured at the annual event before they even leave the airport.

Just in time for Miami Art Week 2022, the Miami-Dade Aviation Department’s Fine Arts and Cultural Affairs Division has released its visitor’s guide for MIA’s current art exhibitions and permanent installations.

And according to MIA’s online Miami Art Week 2022 visitor’s guide, new artworks for visitors to discover now include:

Nature Studies in Three Works by Cristina Lei Rodriguez, post security in the North Terminal by Gate D31.

It is described as a large-scale, three-part installation created by the artist in conjunction with her solo exhibition The Sun Scans New Growth (October 1, 2022 – March 5, 2023) at Miami International Airport. Each of the three works, as evidenced by their titles, is a moment in time visually recorded and documented.

The Miami based artist is said to create her images by arranging exotic orchids and South Florida foliage on a digital scanner. The final high-resolution scan magnifies the flora’s details, while creating abstraction and digital interruptions.

Each image is a moment in time visually recorded and documented into the artist’s increasing archive. Rodriguez’s art practice cultivates native and tropical plants in her garden as a study and mediation on how nature adapts, thrives, fails, and is born again.

PRESENT by Ian Patrick O’Conner at CameraWorks, post-security in the North Terminal by Gates D22 and D24

O’Connor is a Miami-based artist primarily working with large format photography. Utilising techniques from Minimalism to create a visual language, he experiments with esoteric ideas of colour and art therapy.

The primary objective of O’Connor’s work is to grant the viewer a calming pause from the overstimulated modern world and to evoke an overall sense of well-being. ‘Present’ consists of twelve photographs made between 2018-2022 from his ongoing, more extensive photographic series by the same name.

Wherever We Land by Alette Simmons-Jiménez, located posty-security at MIAmoving images in the South Terminal by Gate J7.

MIA notes that ‘Wherever We Land…’ is a screening of two short films – Slipping Through Your Fingers (2022) and Hush the Sky (2013) – by multi-disciplinary artist Alette Simmons-Jiménez.

Utilising painting, sculpture, video, light, poetry, and sound, Alette Simmons-Jiménez is said to traverse different mediums, assembling topographies with symbols from diverse cultures rooted in her experiences. 

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