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Moscow Sheremetyevo unveils new aircraft maintenance hangar


Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport today inaugurated its new hangar and maintenance complex for aircraft operated by the Aeroflot Group.

According to the Russian gateway, construction of the hangar complex was completed in 12 months, a record time for the construction of such “complex technical facilities”.

The first facility of this kind in Russia, airport operator, JSC SIA, has invested more than $57 million in the project.

“The new hangar will enable servicing aircraft at Sheremetyevo and help to increase safety and optimiae operation of our airline partners,” remarked Alexander Ponomarenko, chairman of the board of directors of Sheremetyevo International Airport.

The commissioning of a modern hangar complex is one of the stages of Sheremetyevo’s Long-Term Airport Development Program.

The 16,760sqm complex boasts an hangar section for aircraft service and maintenance with a five-story industrial extension and a two-story annex for production with hazardous materials, a compressor station, a pumping station for fire fighting with tanks to provide a consistent water supply, and a transformer substation with a diesel generator.

It also has a pre-hangar area for parking and towing aircraft to the hangar with roads and technological platforms for the passage and manoeuvring of special equipment.

The impressive new addition to Sheremetyevo’s infrastructure is said to contain “modern engineering equipment for the comprehensive check of the technical condition of aircraft, which is performed once a month or every 500 flight hours”.

Special attention has been given to compliance with environmental standards, including installation of local water treatment facilities for industrial effluents.

It is capable of servicing aircraft up to the size of the Boeing 747-400, nine of which are operated by Rossiya Airlines.

The new technical complex also provides for servicing of the B777 and B737 jets operated by Rossiya Airlines.


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