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Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) has launched a new initiative aimed at incentivising proactive efforts by large commercial airlines to fly as quietly as possible at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

The Fly Quieter program will evaluate airlines annually based on scoring from a variety of criteria, including compliance with LAX noise abatement procedures, the use of quieter aircraft and new technology, as well as engagement with local community groups and other stakeholders. 

The programme is part of Los Angeles World Airports’ (LAWA) ongoing commitment to address community concerns about aircraft noise that may affect neighbourhoods surrounding the airport.


“Effectively addressing aircraft noise requires a collaborative partnership among the airport, the airlines and the community,” says LAWA’s chief environmental and sustainability officer, Samantha Bricker.

“With the Fly Quieter program, we have a new tool to promote awareness and incentivise compliance with our policies and procedures with the goal of reducing aircraft noise for our surrounding communities.”

The airport will begin working with large commercial airlines in early 2020 to evaluate their current fleets and operating procedures as they relate to noise.

LAX will monitor noise levels of the flights themselves, consider the noise levels of the types of aircraft operating at LAX, and evaluate other voluntary procedures that could reduce aircraft noise impacts in adjacent communities.

LAX take off

According to LAWA, airlines will be evaluated within groups determined by the number of flights, both departing and arriving, at LAX.

LAX officials will collect data and engage with each airline over the course of the year to allow airlines to improve their scores by taking proactive noise reduction and/or stakeholder engagement efforts before finalising the annual scores and publicly recognising the airlines that make the most substantial efforts to address aircraft noise.


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