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LAX introduces automated touchless photo ID scanners


Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has become the first large airport in the US to offer touchless, automated photo identification scanners at all of the airport’s security screening checkpoints.

According to LAX operator Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), the move reduces contact with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers and will enhance the passenger experience.

TSA is now using Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) at every security checkpoint at LAX.

When a traveller approaches any document checking podium at the entrance of the security checkpoint, the TSA officer will ask them to insert or scan their own photo ID into a small machine. With CAT, there is no need for passengers to give their photo ID or boarding pass to the TSA officer.

“As the first large airport in the US to implement 100% use of touchless ID scanners at checkpoints, LAX is once again setting the bar for innovation, technology, and a seamless and healthy guest experience,” enthuses LAWA CEO, Justin Erbacci.

“We thank our partners at TSA for their strong leadership in bringing touchless credential checks to the whole of LAX, and working with us to leverage evolving technology that helps people travel safely and efficiently.”

The TSA’s federal security director at LAX, Boyd Jeffries, notes: “The use of CAT eliminates a touchpoint between traveler and TSA officer.

“This self-service option is just one of the many ways TSA is helping travellers ‘Stay Healthy. Stay Secure’ during the screening experience without compromising security. We are extremely pleased that LAX is the first airport in the country to offer this fully automated feature.”

Through a secure Internet connection and a scan of the photo ID, CAT confirms the traveller’s identity on a screen and verifies that the individual is ticketed for travel that day, all in real-time. Previously, TSA had 30 CAT units deployed at LAX.

Earlier this month, an additional 50 units were installed, making LAX the first airport in the country with full CAT capability in every lane at every security checkpoint.

Passengers under the age of 18 will still need to provide an electronic or paper boarding pass to the TSA officer. In addition, all travellers will need to check in with their airline and show their boarding pass to the airline gate agent before boarding their flight.

Currently, TSA has deployed more than 1,500 CAT units at 125 airports nationwide. In addition to providing a touchless experience, this technology also enhances TSA’s ability to detect fraudulent documents and those that have been tampered with.



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