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LAX preparing for busiest weekend since early 2020


With over 200,000 passengers per day expected to pass through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) during the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, the gateway is urging travellers to plan ahead for parking and pick-up well in advance this year.

“With passenger traffic reaching the highest levels since early 2020, guests who are travelling through LAX during the Memorial Day weekend and into the busy summer season should plan ahead, pre-book or reserve parking in advance and arrive early to have the best experience possible,” said Justin Erbacci, CEO of Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA).

“From new parking options to ordering food from your phone and having it delivered right to your gate, we are ready to welcome more travellers back with more options, new facilities and clean and safe terminals.”

Passenger traffic at LAX is expected to increase up to 40% compared with last year’s holiday weekend, which averaged 69,000 passengers per day through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening areas.

Officials project that LAX could reach an estimated 100,000 or more passengers per day at the departure checkpoints. Total passenger traffic is expected to see peaks of about 200,000 passengers per day on Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday.

Vehicle traffic in the Central Terminal Area also is expected to increase, with an estimated average of 84,000 vehicles per day during the holiday weekend.

People driving to the airport are encouraged to check real-time traffic and drive times using the LAX automated Twitter account @FlyLAXstats.

Parking is expected to fill up quickly, and most Central Terminal Area garages are expected to be at capacity through the holiday weekend. As a result, LAWA nites that travellers are “highly encouraged” to book a parking space at the LAX Economy Parking facility using parking.flylax.com.

The new LAX Economy Parking facility offers more than 4,300 spaces and provides a 24-hour fast and free shuttle to the terminals using a dedicated shuttle lane that avoids other terminal traffic.

Reserving a space ahead of time is the only way to guarantee a parking spot, and online reservations offer the best daily rates available. LAWA states that reserving a space also means that guests will not be circling roadways looking for parking when garages are filled, further backing up traffic and creating a stressful travel experience for all involved.

Passengers on international departures are also being encouraged to arrive at least three hours before their flights.

All visitors travelling through LAX aged two and older are required to continue wearing masks in all terminals in accordance with the Health Officer Order issued by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

Due to construction at Terminal 2, access to Terminals 2 and 3 is currently through the new Terminal 3 headhouse, which includes a ticketing lobby and baggage claim area as well as a consolidated security checkpoint.

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