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Lagardére Travel Retail has been awarded the up-for-grabs duty free concession at Prague Airport.

Prague Airport says that the decision means that it has acquired a globally strong duty free operator who will bring a much wider offer tailored to individual passenger segments.

This it says, will being new exclusive brands, stylish and modern shop design, digital sales elements, new sales channels and, last but not least, the expansion of the local range of products.

“The successful completion of the demanding concession procedure will bring the passengers a much broader and better quality offer of duty free products and services,” states Prague Airport’s chairman of the board, Vaclav Rehor.

He notes that the airport’s business strategy in terms of retail is to increase the quality of products and services and lower prices at the same time as boosting non-aviation business revenues.

Non-aviation revenues account for about 30% of the gateway’s total annual revenues today.

The basic duration of the contract for the new duty free operator is ten years and it can be terminated after seven years due to the development project of Terminal 2.

The contract also includes the operation of the walk-through zone in Terminal 1, which Lagardére Travel Retail already operates, as well as some other units.

Lagardére Travel Retail will open a total of seven different types of shops at Václav Havel Airport Prague within a few months.

According to the airport, each of them will be focused on a different assortment and brands, but in particular on a specific type of customer.

And, it is quick to point out that offerings will be adapted not only to the nationality of the passengers, but also to their age, needs, way of travelling and shopping or income. 


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