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Jewel Changi Airport just got a little more exciting with the unveiling of the eagerly awaited Canopy Park attractions located on the top level. 

The picturesque 14,000sqm space is home to seven iconic play attractions and creative gardens in Singapore Changi’s groundbreaking new facility that promises to redefine the airport experience. 


Hung Jean, CEO of Jewel Changi Airport Devlopment, said: “Changi Airport holds a special place in the hearts of many, especially Singaporeans, and we want to extend this special bond for everyone who visits Jewel.

“The attractions and gardens on Canopy Park are designed for guests to relax or have a fun time with their families and friends, whether they reside in Singapore or are international travellers visiting Jewel.

“When Canopy Park was conceptualised, we envisaged a green natural environment with play and leisure activities for people of all ages. Importantly, we wanted to create a space where activities that are traditionally conducted outdoors, are brought to an indoor environment so that they can be enjoyed under all weather conditions.”

Jewel has also unveiled a new, state-of-the-art digital experience attraction, the Changi Experience Studio.

A first-of-its-kind in Singapore, this aviation-themed attraction was conceived and designed by Changi Airport Group (CAG) to be a space that tells interesting stories of Changi Airport in a way that brings wonder and delight to both adults and children.


CAG’s managing director for airport operations management, Jayson Goh, enthused: “We want the studio journey to be one where visitors can actively participate in a playful journey full of surprises that allows them to understand the story and spirit of Changi in an experiential manner.

“Beyond the entertainment, visitors can learn about the past and present of Singapore’s air hub, the inner workings of the airport, and experience what makes Changi tick.

“Importantly, through the various touchpoints that showcase different airport functions, Changi Experience Studio is a living tribute to the 50,000-strong airport community that makes Changi Airport what it is today.

“We aspire for the studio to be a showcase of the Changi experience and service innovation. As an innovation space, the interactive exhibits will not remain static, but continue to evolve as new stories on Changi are written.”


According to CAG, Canopy Park is a first-of-its-kind play attractions created by top designers from Britain, France, Germany, Singapore and The Netherlands, that promise endless fun for travellers and residents alike.

Guests can look forward to navigating their way through the Mirror Maze and Hedge Maze, walking or bouncing on the Manulife Sky Nets, exploring the sculptural playscape of Discovery Slides, and enjoying a gripping view of the HSBC Rain Vortex and Shiseido Forest Valley from theCanopy Bridge, a bridge with glass panel flooring suspended 23 metres above ground.


Integrated with the attractions are interactive garden spaces that encourage play and imagination.

Foggy Bowls features four gentle concave bowls with an element of mist and fog to create the experience of playing amongst clouds.T opiary Walk is a whimsical wonderland, featuring animal topiaries such as orangutans, a crocodile, elephant, peacock and chameleon.

Petal Garden will boast seasonal displays of flowers. Along the main loop that connects these attractions are four noteworthy trees, including a pair of olive trees and the Lover’s Tree which earned its name because of its conjoined trunks.

“After an exhilarating time playing in the attractions, those seeking respite from the excitement or a relaxed night out, will have the option to dine under the stars while perusing diverse menus from up to eight F&B outlets, including the newly opened Burger & Lobster,” notes CAG.

In addition to the leisure attractions and F&B offerings at Canopy Park, Cloud9 Piazza is a communal space primarily dedicated to hosting activities. When not in use for events, the additional circulation space it provides will enhance the overall ambience for Jewel guests.


To ensure the safety and the optimal experience of all guests when they visit the attractions, entry requirements will be implemented through a ticketing system on www.jewelchangiairport.com

Entrance fees to the Canopy Park is S$5 (US$3.70), while access to the various attractions range from S$7.20 (US$5) to S$19.80 (US%14).

Opening its doors on Level 4 of Jewel, CAG promises that Changi Experience Studio will present a journey of fun and discovery through the exciting virtual world of Changi Airport featuring a garden that sings, an adrenaline-pumping runway race, a quest to collect airport trolleys, a battle of smiles and more. 

With a collection of over 20 different touchpoints and 10 content zones spread over 3,000sqm, the Changi Experience Studio utilises technology to present a diverse mix of unique experiences under one roof, including interactive games, projection storytelling, immersive shows and gallery exhibits.


Each touchpoint tells a different slice of the Changi Airport story uncovered through the visitor’s participation.

For instance, visitors can have fun playing games simulating different functions at the airport and learning how things work behind-the scenes through interactive projection exhibits.

They can also look forward to an immersive show that will trigger their senses and imagination about the past and future of aviation.

Designed with a mix of experiences that offer both individual engagement and social bonding, the space is suitable for families, friends and groups looking for a fun outing or interesting communal activities. 

As an indicative guide to help visitors plan their day’s programme, it takes over 90 minutes to complete all the experiences within the Changi Experience Studio.


Exploration of the studio is done primarily with the Travel Guide– a personal interactive device that accompanies every visitor on their journey through the studio.

A seemingly simple piece of cardboard with all its technology embedded within, the versatile Travel Guide enables active interaction and spontaneous engagement between the visitor and the exhibits in different ways. 

This technology used in Changi Experience Studio premiers for the first time across Singapore and Asia. 


One of the studio’s highlights is the Garden of Harmony where visitors use their individual Travel Guide to make music through vertical hand movements.

In this enchanted garden, each visitor plays a different musical instrument, before coming together with other players to perform a symphony – which plays out in the form of a mesmerising audio and visual spectacle.

The Garden of Harmony is a metaphor for teamwork, specifically how the 50,000-strong airport community comes together across many different functions to deliver a world-class and seamless Changi experience for all passengers daily.

The studio opens daily from 10am to 10pm. Online ticket sales are available at www.jewelchangiairport.com/changiexperiencestudio with the entrance fee costing S$25 (US$18) for adults and S$17 (USD$12.50) for children or seniors. 


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