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Istanbul Airport unveils its latest award winning artwork


iGA Istanbul Airport unveiled its latest artwork today, ‘Saya’s Voice’, the first to be displayed as a result of its IGART Art Projects Competition.

As a tribute to the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, 1923 bells have been used in the artwork by Betüi Kotil.

Airport CEO, Kadri Samsunlu, said: “We host thousands of guests at our airport every day, and we care about transforming their visit into an experience.

“We are happy to be presenting this experience through text, photographs, and videos straight into the passengers’ pockets as a gift to them through İGART. We always highlight that iGA Istanbul Airport is Turkey’s gateway to the world. We can now say that iGA Istanbul Airport is also the country’s gateway to the world in terms of culture and art.”

According to the airport, its İGART Art Projects Contest is about creating space for young people to display their art.

İGART executive board chairman, professor Hüsamettin Koçan, said: “The competition has a structure that opens space for the youth and embraces participants and diversity.

“The submitted projects were reviewed for our contest by our board of experienced art professionals in an impartial setting toward everyone. It is worth emphasising that the contest was designed to prioritise the artist’s presentation methods.

“Out of a wide variety of projects submitted to us, our jury unanimously tuned in for Saya’s Voice because of the project’s link to the cultural memory in Anatolia. Another reason for choosing it was the aesthetic connection it built with the size of the venue by blending into the architecture.”

Kotil said: “Saya’s Voice has been a project I had on my mind, searching for its place for a while. It found its place thanks to iGA Istanbul Airport and İGART.”

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