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Idaho Falls expansion project to make airport bigger and better


Idaho Falls Regional Airport in the US will soon get a new look as it embarks on a 18,000-square-foot expansion.

The $45 million project, financed through federal airport funding, is expected to begin in early 2024 and finish by 2026.

According to the airport, the project will significantly expand and replace the outbound baggage system and expand the ticketing and central lobby and other spaces for essential airport functions.

The airport recently awarded Clayco, a full-service, fully integrated design-build construction firm, the construction management contract for the IDA terminal renovation and expansion.

Idaho Falls-based Construction Solutions Company will be Clayco’s associate team member on the project with the two firms working as a part of a single integrated team to complete the work on the project.

Construction will also include significant, critical upgrades to the terminal’s mechanical, electrical, communication, and plumbing systems.

“We look forward to joining forces with Clayco on this project, which marks a significant milestone towards fulfilling our vision of an efficient and premier travel experience for passengers,” said Idaho Falls Mayor, Rebecca Casper.

“This project allows us to expand future travel opportunities for passengers from throughout the entire region as IDA continually looks to bring more routes and airlines to the airport. We are also thrilled this project can be completed without placing any burden on our local property taxpayers.”

In 2022, IDA marked a significant milestone by catering to more than 628,000 passengers, setting a record. As the airport continues to serve the entire region, the expansion project is essential to ensuring passengers arrive at their destinations on time and attracting more business to the airport.

“Idaho Falls Airport is a vital entry point to the city, and our objective is to align the airport’s aesthetic appeal with the natural wonders of Idaho, while also providing key upgrades that will greatly enhance the functionality and operational efficiency of the airport,” said Mac Glinn, senior vice president and aviation business unit leader at Clayco.

“Our commitment to IDA and the community is to deliver this project in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner. We are excited to partner with Alliiance Architects and Ardurra to assist and help them realise the community’s vision for the project.”

The airport notes that it will remain open throughout the phased project, which is notes will make the airport bigger and nicer for everyone.

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