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Hyderabad becomes first Indian airport to deploy smart baggage trolleys


Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport has become the first airport in India to deploy Internet of Things (IoT) enabled smart baggage trolleys that allow operator, GHIAL, to track them in real-time and ensure that there is always enough available to meet demand.

The airport has deployed a LoRa (Long Range) IOT platform for its entire fleet of 3,000 baggage trolleys and is confident that with this technology in place, there will be a substantial reduction in passenger wait time for baggage trolleys.

It notes that “trolley management and replenishment will be based on the requirement at various areas across the airport enhancing efficiency and passenger experience while making way for smooth operations as well”.

GMR led GHIAL  reveals that its dynamic Smart Trolley Management system has the capability to allocate baggage trolleys according to the predictive analyses of estimated departure and arrival passenger loads.

According to the airport, it preps the operations team with proactive planning with real-time dashboards/information on the availability of number of baggage trolleys in different airport areas, ensuring the availability of trolleys for passengers at right place and right time.

GHIAL also notes that an inbuilt security mechanism alerts it when trolleys leave their dedicated airport zones, notifying operators of their exact location so that they can be retrieved before they are potentially taken off site.

GMR Airports’ executive director – south and chief innovation officer, SGK Kishore, said: “Hyderabad International Airport has been the flag bearer of innovation and technology adoption in many ways and has pioneered many innovative digital solutions to scale up our service and operational excellence.

“After the successful marquee projects like domestic and international e-boarding and face recognition trials, we are revolutionising the way baggage trolleys are managed with the adoption of IoT as a smart and intelligent solution to help enhance passenger experience and also enable smooth operations and inventory management.

“Smart baggage trolleys is one of the many initiatives as part of our digital excellence transformation and journey.”

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