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Helsinki becomes the world’s most named airport!


Finavia today revealed that almost 15,000 people have had Helsinki Airport named after them in its latest customer service initiative.

Traditionally, airports around the world have been named in honour of a city, region or country’s favourite sons and daughters – Warsaw Chopin Warsaw Airport, Mother Theresa Tirana International Airport and Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport, for example.

Helsinki has done things a little differently since December, however, by allowing anyone visiting the airport the opportunity to add their own name to the Helsinki Airport sign at the terminal’s main entrance through a simple website.

The move, which has proved a huge success with passengers and staff alike, coincided with the opening of the airport’s revamped Terminal 2.

“Opening new facilities and services is a huge thing for not only us but also for the most important people/passengers,” enthuses Finavia’s senior vice president for marketing and customer experience, Katja Siberg.

“Only this time we were not able to invite them to physically celebrate it with us. Therefore, we decided to show our dedication to the passengers by giving them a chance to name the airport after themselves. Because let’s face it, airports are, and always should be for the passengers.”

The newly opened terminal 2 extension is a part of Finavia’s extensive investment programme that aims to strengthen Helsinki Airport’s position as Northern Europe’s leading transfer hub, with a specific focus on developing its customer experience.

“Our giant investment programme revolves around our passengers and creating a high-standard customer experience. Smooth traffic flow, attractive services and short transfer times are significant factors in improving Helsinki Airport even further,” says Siberg.

She notes that the airport is being developed according to a one roof concept, meaning that all the services can be accommodated in a single building. It is believed that this of particular benefit to transfer passengers, as transfer times are short and there is no need to change terminals.

The new terminal extension, its wooden ceiling and the nature elements represent the best of Finland’s renowned architecture. Material and decor solutions have been made to honour and showcase Finnish design.

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