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Guernsey Airport to start work on new master plan


AECOM has been chosen to deliver a new masterplan for Guernsey Airport that will shape business priorities and investment over the next 15 years.

According to AECOM, key priorities of the masterplan for the Channel Islands gateway will be to look at ways to increase non-aeronautical revenue and improve passenger experience.

It will, for example, consider how Guernsey Airport, which is owned and operated by Guernsey Ports, can maximise land and property values through new commercial opportunities.

The masterplan also encompasses improvements to the existing terminal building, with a focus on enhancing the passenger experience, increasing commercial returns and optimising airline operations.

James Bruce, AECOM’s director of aviation master planning, said: “The impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on aviation mean airports the world over are looking for ways to strengthen and diversify in addition to air travel.

“There is a real opportunity for Guernsey Airport to become a catalyst for commerce on the island and our masterplan will look to maximise the potential for new revenue streams.

“We bring global expertise in the delivery of aviation projects across the world, working at airports large and small, and will work with local specialists to deliver a plan focused on improving commercial returns over the next 15 years.”

Other interest areas covered in the masterplan will include the future of air navigation services, as well as the provision of cargo and fuel infrastructure.

The masterplan will be delivered in two phases. AECOM has been appointed to deliver Phase One, which includes the production of the draft masterplan by the end of the year. The final masterplan is expected at the end of 2022.

AECOM will work with a number of sub-consultants to deliver the project. They include air navigation and airspace experts Egis, aviation traffic and economic specialists York Aviation, as well as Strategic Property and Planning Ltd, a local planning and property specialist firm based in Guernsey.



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  1. A.nicolle 28th August 2021

    As a Guernsey resident and tax payer and therefore, a customer of yours along with all the other Guernsey tax payers could you please tell me what the bill to us will be for your services..
    Guernsey Airport, as far as I can see is perfectly fit for purpose as it is and serves our community well.
    At a time when we as tax payers are being asked to pay more to fill a void in our finances why should we be paying you for a service in an industry that you have created that provides no value.
    We could give this project to a group of A level students to give ideas to improve Guernsey Airport and it would have cost us nothing
    It is our Airport, publicly owned just as our seafront is and when we wanted consultancy for improvements to our seafront we went to the public for Ideas and that cost the tax payer nothing.
    I look forward to your reply to my comments before I forward them to my local political representative and local media.
    Regards Mr. A. Nicolle.


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