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Frankfurt Airport to open new interactive Visitor Center next week


Frankfurt Airport will open a new €5.7 million multi-media Visitor Center in Terminal 1 on August 2 specifically designed to showcase the “fascinating world of aviation up-close”.

Located in Hall C, the 1,200 metre attraction will boast a number of interactive and other features that the airport is confident will offer an exciting glimpse behind the scenes at Frankfurt Airport and of aviation in general.

For visitors not only learn about the airport’s day-to-day operations; they also have the opportunity to review its history, discover aviation technologies, and consider the future of flight.

The exhibits invite guests to interact and immerse themselves. In one game, visitors put their marshalling skills to the test by guiding an Airbus A320neo to its parking position. A further highlight is a virtual-reality ride through the airport’s baggage handling system.

Fraport CEO, Dr Stefan Schulte, stated: “Our multimedia Visitor Center allows people to better understand and experience first-hand the diverse and highly complex airport world. The new attraction will also be key to strengthening long-term dialogue with our local community and guests from other parts of Germany and the world.”

‘The Globe’ is said to be the most technologically sophisticated exhibit, its interactive LCD wall designed to visualise all active flights around the world in real time. It is made up of 28 individual displays, combined to create a single screen spanning some 25 square metres.

According to Fraport, the system is truly unique as nowhere else is capable of depicting thousands of flight movements in such detail.

Flight data for The Globe are provided by FlightAware, a US flight tracking platform. Fraport partners with FlightAware to process data required for operations at Frankfurt Airport. In particular, the data provided by FlightAware allow better planning of airport processes.

Tickets to the centre, which will be open daily from 11am to 7pm, must be purchased online in advance at www.fra-tours.com/en. Booking confirmation is currently required to gain admission and tickets are not available at the airport itself.

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