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Final hurdle passed for opening of Hong Kong’s new third runway


Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) today announced that the Civil Aviation Department has renewed its aerodrome licence, which for the first time includes its new third runway and associated taxiways.

Operator, Airport Authority of Hong Kong (AAHK), plans to commence operations on the new runway later this year as scheduled.

Meanwhile, the amendments to the Map of Restricted Area Order under the Airport Authority Ordinance (Cap. 483), made to reflect the changes in the boundaries of the Restricted Area arising from the latest developments at HKG, are effective from today.

The new boundaries of the Restricted Area delineated under the Airport Authority Ordinance (Cap. 483) include the Third Runway and associated infrastructure.

Before the amendments came into effect, a thorough security search and checks were carried out on the third runway and its associated taxiways, and buildings including the Airport North Fire Station and Observation Facility, and along the seashore.

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