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Edinburgh Airport is trialling a mobile service that allows passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) to order food and beverages and have them brought to them, ensuring that they avoid the often difficult task of going in search of somthing to eat and drink.

Using the FetchyFox platform, staff will be able to ask PRM passengers if they would like to order food from eateries in the departure lounge and have it delivered to them.

The innovative technology is being trialled with Barburrito and The Gathering Deli with a view to extending the service once the trial is evaluated. 

The complimentary service is another improvement to the PRM service at Scotland’s busiest airport which has vastly improved over the past few years and was last year rated as Very Good by the Civil Aviation Authority.


It’s also part of the airport’s strategy in adopting technology that improves the service and efficiency of all areas of the business.

Anthony Payne, the airport’s enterprise applications manager, enthused: “We pride ourselves on being an innovative airport and embrace technology which benefits our passengers wherever possible – FetchyFox brings both of those things to the table.

“By using the FetchyFox platform, our staff will handle all aspects of the order process, from menu selection through to payment and delivery, allowing the passenger to relax in our PRM waiting area ahead of their flight.

“It ensures we are creating an accessible service that offers choice for our passengers, removing any unnecessary worries for them and whoever they are travelling with. Early feedback is very positive, and we’re looking forward to seeing the trial in action and introducing more offerings to the service.”

Edin tower

Christina Apatow, CEO of FetchyFox, says: “We believe it is important to provide an equitable airport experience to PRM passengers. It’s no surprise that Edinburgh’s amazing team has made empowering this passenger segment a priority as they continue their promise to provide exceptional service.

“At FetchyFox, we care about each passengers’ journey and carefully consider how it can be improved with the help of technology. At Edinburgh, we have been thrilled to witness the delight and satisfaction that this service brought to travellers.”

Phionna Cowan-Hoffman, one of the first customers to use the technology, says: “It really improved my airport experience knowing that the order process was so easy and that I could relax before my flight.

“Airports as busy as this can be quite an overwhelming experience for anyone, so it was great to have that extra assistance from staff and not have to worry about navigating myself through the airport. It’s something I will consider using again.”


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