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Canberra Airport introduces temperature scanning equipment


Canberra Airport has become the first major Australian airport to introduce body temperature scanning at security as an additional safety measure against COVID-19.

The initiative, according to head of aviation, Michael Thomson, shows that Canberra Airport is open for business and a safe and secure place for passengers to use.

“Passengers departing Canberra arrive at airport security as usual and as they pass through security a camera takes their image and records their temperature in real-time,” explains Thomson.

“If a passenger has a body temperature over 37.8 degrees celsius they will be attended by a registered nurse immediately. The nurse will provide a face mask, offer to take their temperature again, and ask the passenger to participate in a questionnaire.

“If a passenger continues to display signs of high temperature or fever, then the airline they intend to travel with will be informed. This way both the individual passenger and the airlines will be best informed to make sensible decisions about whether the passenger should be travelling at this time.

“This is one measure in a suite of measures we are employing through and beyond COVID-19—including extra cleaning, hand-sanitiser being available for all, social distancing measures within the terminal and more.”

He reiterates: “Canberra Airport is open for business and we always put your safety first. I encourage passengers to get back to flying for essential travel knowing that our body temperature screening is yet another step we are taking for you to feel safe when you travel.”

Dr Antonio Di Dio, president of the Australian Medical Association’s ACT branch, says that doctors welcomed the innovation endorsing the precautionary and safety conscious approach.

“We thank the owners of Canberra Airport for this action which we think is responsible and prudent, but also shows leadership in how we can minimise and mitigate risks for all travellers to and from Canberra,” he says.

The introduction of the new body temperature technology created by EOS Australia has also been welcomes by airlines.

“The implementation of temperature screening by Canberra Airport is one of a number of recommended initiatives by IATA, and a supportive step towards restoring air connectivity and customer confidence in air travel,” notes Dr Sara Souter, Virgin Australia Group’s medical officer.

“As part of our commitment to safety, Virgin Australia will do all it can to collaborate with airports, governments and health authorities in order to enable a safer aviation industry throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. We are pleased to be part of this all-important program of work.”



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