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Cambodia’s airports turn to the cloud platform for passenger services


Amadeus has signed a new long-term partnership with Cambodia Airports to provide it with a cloud platform that it believes will make it easier for the operator to realise its strategic vision.

The IT giant is confident that the introduction of it fully integrated cloud platform for airport passenger services at Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanouk airports, will allow each to rapidly deploy new passenger handling capacity via the internet as needed.

With the new approach, it says, Cambodia Airports can also temporarily reallocate resources not in use.

One example, Amadeus notes, would be by redistributing airline services between terminals, because its check-in desks and gates will no longer be tied to legacy fixed networks at specific points in the terminal.

Indeed, with Amadeus Flow, Cambodia Airports will harness the cloud to deliver passenger services from any location it chooses, in effect making them future-ready by laying the foundation to deploy innovations more easily, such as biometrics, contactless and self-service technologies as required.

Phnom Penh International Airport’s general manager, Hervé Bonin, said: “Passengers expect a smooth experience, and moving to the cloud with Amadeus means we can deliver that now and into the future.

“Sharing our long-term vision, Amadeus is the right partner to take care of this complexity behind the scenes so we can easily deploy new innovations that place our customers, passengers and airlines, at the very heart of our airport model.

“Combining this leading technology with recent key investments in facilities upgrades, our platforms are well prepared to welcome the next growth stage.”

Sarah Samuel, head of airport IT, APAC, Amadeus, adds: “Airports are at a crossroads when it comes to investment in technology to meet the needs of travellers: should they embrace cloud computing or continue to do things how they’ve always been done?

“At Amadeus, we believe the airport industry has reached a tipping point, with the pandemic significantly accelerating the move to the cloud. This provides a number of opportunities for airports as we apply new innovations like biometrics to rebuild a better industry.”

Cambodia Airports is the largest airport group in Cambodia, with its three major hubs in Phnom Penh, in Siem Reap, and in Sihanoukville.

As a developing nation, tourism is a key industry for Cambodia, contributing more than $4 billion to the economy in 2019.

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