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‘Berlin loves you’ message sent from former Tegel Airport


Berliners celebrated the easing of COVID restrictions on Saturday by hosting a special dinner party at the city’s former Tegel Airport where over 1,000 tables were set out on the runway to send the message ‘Berlin loves you’

Called the Berlin Freedom Dinner, it is hoped that the event will set the scene for the reopening of businesses in Berlin and for the city to start hosting events and visitors again.

It also gave Berliners the chance to say their final farewells to Tegel Airport, which for many years was their gateway to the world and will now become the innovative ‘Urban Tech Republic’.

Burkhard Kieker, managing director of visitBerlin: “Together with many Berliners, we are happy to be sending out a welcome message – and from a very special place, on the runway at what used to be Tegel Airport. Berlin is back and invites visitors to enjoy the city of freedom.“

While Martin Ecknig, CEO of Messe Berlin: “The Berlin Freedom Dinner is a great example of Berlin’s determination to reopen.

“Together, we have put together a unique open-air event. It is for an experience such as this that we at Messe Berlin are well prepared – and so it makes me all the happier when the sum of many parts becomes one, and the world can see our welcome message: Berlin Loves You!“

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