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In the spotlight: Planning & design

Airports: Miami, Ottawa & New York

Special report: Route development

Plus: Security, rail links & car parking




The big build

Editor, Joe Bates, reflects on the capacity crunch and the ‘Planning and Design’ theme of this issue of Airport World.


As the world’s ‘ghost airports’ will tell you, the expression ‘build it and they will come’, doesn’t always hold true. It certainly didn’t for Ciudad Madrid (formerly Don Quijote Airport), which cost upwards of €1 billion back in 2008, but is currently up for sale after failing to live up to the hype.

Indeed, the much-troubled gateway lost its final routes two years ago when Vueling pulled its Barcelona and Palma flights, leaving the privately-funded and operated 10mppa capacity airport with no routes whatsoever.

The situation ensured that it joined the elite club of ‘ghost airports’ that have been abandoned by the airlines and sometimes boast more staff than passengers. Things couldn’t be more different a little north in the UK, where hardly a week seems to pass without someone unveiling plans to solve its perceived future capacity shortfall – either by building new multi-billion pound airports or adding runways and terminal buildings at existing gateways.

The need to raise capacity at the continent’s airports is also on the mind of ACI Europe, which has joined forces with the European Regions Airline Association (ERA) and the Association of European Airlines (AEA) to urge Europe’s governments to take action to avoid a capacity crunch that is set to cost the industry in excess of €40 billion per annum in lost revenues by 2035.

The warning is in response to EUROCONTROL’s Challenges of Growth report, which provides an unequivocal warning that despite slower air traffic growth in the next 20 years, Europe still faces a significant airport capacity crunch, which will damage the continent’s aviation system and connectivity.

As a result of insufficient airport capacity, 12% of demand for air transport or 1.9 million flights per year will not be accommodated by 2035, according to the report, which states that the upshot is that 237 million passengers will be unable to fly.

And, with the developing world facing a potential capacity crunch of its own for very different reasons, the need for more airports, terminal buildings and runways is not going away.

Nor is the need for increasingly innovative planning and design as aviation adapts to a new world order that demands it takes its social and environmental responsibilities seriously.

This means that sustainable design and initiatives such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) must become the norm and no longer an aspiration or buzzword used by airports wanting to expand, architects and academics.
Integrating sustainability into capital projects and building energy efficient terminals are just two of the topics on the agenda in the ‘Planning and Design’ section of this issue.

Out with old and in with the new also appears to be a theme for our airport features with both Ottawa and Miami boasting new bosses and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) waving goodbye to theirs.

Also in this edition we launch a new ‘airport marketing exchange’ feature in conjunction with our friends at SimpliFlying; turn the spotlight on North American airports with rail links; and, look at the adoption of new car parking technologies.

In addition we find out more about the US airports wishing to opt out of using TSA screeners for security; route development; airport museums and retail/F&B innovation.


In this issue:





Event News

ACI News

View from the top
ACI World director general, Angela Gittens, reflects on transforming the passenger airport experience.

Always growing
In one of her last interviews as aviation director, Susan Baer, talks to Joe Bates about her time at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the growth and future development plans of the Big Apple’s airport system.

Listening and learning
New CEO, Mark Laroche, talks to Evra Taylor about the challenges and opportunities ahead for Ottawa International Airport.

¡Bienvenido a Miami!

Dr Emilio González talks to Benet Wilson about his first six months in the hot seat at Miami Dade Aviation Department.



Front door to the world
What will the departure halls of tomorrow look like? Leo A Daly’s Timothy Hudson, considers the options.

Shopping list

Out of the box thinking is required to respond to changing commercial dynamics and new opportunities created by the evolving design of airport terminals, writes Alex Avery.

Keeping it simple
Designing energy efficient terminals that have a long-lasting impact on the environment, passengers and airport bottom lines requires a smart, yet simple approach, writes Wilson Rayfield.


Big and bold
Steven Thompson finds out more about Heathrow’s new ‘showpiece’ Terminal 2, which opens for business next summer.



Order of the day
Leah Blackman discusses the reinvention of the airport dining experience in the US over the last decade.

Fast and furious

Joe Bates reports on the fast tracked transformation of São Paulo’s Guarulhos International Airport in readiness for next year’s football World Cup.


Delivering sustainability
Integrating sustainability into capital projects from the outset is the best way to guarantee the long-term future of airports, writes Betsy Huigens.


Going places?
ASM’s David Stroud contemplates the dawn of a new, more sophisticated era for route development that increasingly involves the use of social media.

A flight at the museum
Steven Thompson investigates the phenomenon of airport museums and what financial rewards – if any – they can bring to a gateway.


Airport Marketing Exchange
David McMullen and Shubhodeep Pal discuss marketing innovation in the age of the connected traveller.

Obstacle course
With the option on the table, why haven’t more US airports opted out of using the TSA to carry out security screening? Nicole Nelson investigates.


Concession news
Airport World reviews some of the latest retail and F&B projects and developments across the globe.

Centre stage
Pat Taggert reports on the growing trend of airports opening security enhancing centralised collection and distribution centres for the delivery of food, retail and other supplies at airport terminals.

Driving change
Adopting new car parking strategies to improve customer service and generate revenue should be higher up the agenda of US airports, write Steven Grant and Michele Krakowski.

Car parking news
Joe Bates reviews a handful of car parking initiatives and developments in the US and Europe.

On a roll
Ian Putzger discovers that an ever-increasing number of North American airports are warming up to the benefits of rail links.

Project watch

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

ACI’s World Business Partners

Environment news

The last word
Tax Free World Association (TFWA) president, Erik Juul-Mortensen, talks to Airport World about all things retail.

ACI traffic trends

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